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Acoustics.jl is an early stage Julia library that is meant to be compliant with ISO 3382-1(Performance) & ISO 3382-2 (Ordinary) with proper IEC 61260-1 Octave Bands and Fractional-Octave band filter. Differing from Angelo Farina’s AURORA and John Mulcahy’s REW (Room Eq Wizard) for acoustics measurement in both focus and implementation. Acoustics.jl will differ from AURORA by that fact it will be a standalone application independent of a particular capture software. Acoustics.jl will differ from REW by focusing on any acoustical measurement and not performing any speaker measurements. The biggest difference between Acoustics.jl is that it will have its source code available and focus on processing acoustic impulses so anyone can embedded the library inside their application or make a custom GUI.

Motivation for Acoustics.jl

The motivation for Acoustics.jl came from when I was getting my master’s in Audio Science with an Acoustics Concentration from the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University. I needed to make measurements from my practicum (Senior project) inside room but, I could not find a software package that measure multiple room acoustic metrics that was actively maintained so I decided to write my own!

Get Acoustics.jl !

  1. Get the Julia Programming Language
  2. Download Acoustics.jl
  3. ????
  4. Profit
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