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Optical Storage the Backup King!

People when backing up data like to focus on speed and apparent ease. This is why people mainly focus on portable hard drives or SSDs for backup solutions. While easy to copy and paste on they are easily damaged, very expensive and slower compared to desktop hard drives. Another disadvantage of the hard drive solution…

Wait People Think E-readers are Good?

At the beginning of the pandemic I was considering getting an e-reader so I could read and not have to go the store to pick up books. Then once the pandemic ended I would have something portable to read on. After looking into e-readers I decide to just buy physical books. Then in my news…

DVI vs MIDI: What Makes a good standard?

In technology the same goals can be achieved in many different ways. There is a near infinite possible ways to communication between two devices. All you need to do is look to the past to see how many different keyboard and mouse connectors existed. We currently live in a unique time when you can just…


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