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How to Properly use Handbrake (To Compress Home Videos)

Handbrake is a powerful video transcoding program than is greatly misunderstood. A lot of discussion goes into which preset to use for the best quality and fastest encode times. However, Handbrake’s presets are designed for best compatibility of devices regardless of quality. If you are planning to playback on VLC or Roku Media Player not…

What’s Up with Tech Reviewers?

An important question we need to ask is what is the purpose of the reviewer? Most people watch or read reviews to find out if something is worthwhile to purchase and to see how it compares to other in that price range. An important aspect of reviewers is to help their audience gain context about…

Optical Storage the Backup King!

People when backing up data like to focus on speed and apparent ease. This is why people mainly focus on portable hard drives or SSDs for backup solutions. While easy to copy and paste on they are easily damaged, very expensive and slower compared to desktop hard drives. Another disadvantage of the hard drive solution…


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